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16 pound bag or 20 pounds unbagged direct to your cooler, just $2.00!

ice-houseHere at Polar Pat’s Icehouse, we make the cleanest, purest ice in town, never touched by a human hand. Water is frozen in layers, not cubes, then goes directly through an ice chipping machine. Once chipped, the ice is fed into 16 lb. sterile bags. The ice you buy here has never been transported or subjected to the outside heat, and that means you will never have to bang a bag of Polar Pat’s Icehouse ice against the ground to get it loosened up.Our ice is produced with food grade, stainless steel equipment maintained to the highest standards, and it is licensed and inspected by both local governing agencies and the Oklahoma Department of Health. The water used to make our ice is filtered and treated to ensure the best taste possible.

Polar Pat’s Icehouse is available 24/7, so come and find out what a difference quality ice can make.

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